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Part 3 – Flavour tips and condiments


Barbecuing in general adds a wonderful smoky flavour to your food, but you can take this to the next level, when preparing your food. The tips below are simple but add delicious complex flavours to your food.
1. Wood chips can also be added to the coals to enhance smoke flavour.
2. Dry rubs can be applied to your meat before cooking, mixing herbs and spices.
3. Marinade your meat for up to 24hrs before you cook.
4. Herbs used as a basting brush for the meat or soak them and pop them on the coals to infuse your meat whilst cooking.


This is just a general list of condiments, the old favourites which traditionally feature as part of many barbecues, however feel free to add your own more exotic flavour choices. The great thing about barbecuing is that you can take recipes from across the world and power them up with flavour and condiments.

• The usual suspects – Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce
• Flavoured Mustards and Mayonnaise
• Chili sauce, Salsa
• Tartar sauce, Horseradish sauce
• Pickles, Caramelised onions

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