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10 WORST Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes!

Do you know what are the top 10 worst thanksgiving dinner dishes? Don’t mess up thanksgiving most important meal with a slew of terrible dishes.
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There’s more to a Thanksgiving meal than just turkey. So let’s round up the Top 10 Worst Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes. If you enjoyed this video. Comment: #dubbedwithaloud #thanksgiving #thanksgivingmeal

0:00 10 WORST Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes!
0:06 Cranberry Sauce
1:40 Turnip
2:52 Creamed Corn
4:07 Ambrosia Salad
5:29 Hard Veggie Platter
6:55 Giblet Gravy
8:26 Cauliflower
9:17 Ham
10:47 Stuffing
11:56 Instant Potato Flakes

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📺 Top 10 Untold Truths Of Thanksgiving Dinner!
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