Butter Marble Cake | Marble Butter Cake Recipe | Kek Butter Marble

Butter Marble Cake | Marble Butter Cake Recipe | Kek Butter Marble

For this Butter Marble Cake Recipe, I used good quality butter as it gives a good taste and flavor for Butter Marble Cake. The butter must be soft enough at room temperature before creaming it with the sugar. I used salted butter for this marble cake recipe, and the cake would not be salty even though I used salted butter as the amount of salt in 250 gm of butter is very less. You may use unsalted butter too. Please watch the video till the end to get the tips and explanation on how to make a marble butter cake.

1 Cup = 250 ml
TSP = Teaspoon
TBSP = Tablespoon

Untuk resepi Kek Butter Marble ini, saya menggunakan mentega yang berkualiti (salted butter) 250 gram, kerana ia memberi rasa yang lebih sedap untuk Kek Butter Marble. Kalau nak ganti marjerin pun ok je..jadilah kek marble. Mentega mesti cukup lembut pada suhu bilik sebelum pukul dengan gula. Sila tonton video hingga akhir untuk mendapatkan tips dan penjelasan mengenai cara membuat Kek Butter Marble.

1 Cawan = 250 ml
SK = Sudu Kecil
SB = Sudu Besar

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