Folded Kimbap | Sushi Sandwich, Onigirazu | Easy Bento Box Lunch Ideas | Ticktock Wrap Hack | 紫菜包饭

The folding kimbap is so easy and fun to prepare. You can basicly put any ingredients you like or you can find in your fridge and just fold it (as long as it’s not too watery). It’s very simple and delicious gimbap sandwich or sushi sandwich. It’s great for lunchbox, picnic, or friends gathering! I also would like to share with you some tips for making neat and pretty kimbap in the video, enjoy!

1. Tuna Mayo sandwich
canned tuna mixed with mayo, lettuce, carrot, rice
2. Luncheon meat sandwich
luncheon meat, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, kimchi, rice
3. Smoked salmon Sandwich
smoked salmon, crab sticks mixed with mayo, lettuce, cucumber, rice
4. Vegetarian sandwich
sweet pepper, cucumber, egg, cheese, rice

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