Surprisingly Healthy Processed Snacks (?!)

Surprisingly healthy processed snacks – is there such a thing?! I’ve got a haul of unexpectedly CLEAN snacks from the grocery store, and you’ll be surprised by how few ingredients they have…

What are processed foods anyway? And why are processed foods bad for you? Of course, “healthy” and “clean” are broad terms that’re open to interpretation, but not ALL processed foods are “bad” or “junk” or “unhealthy.” These labels tend to be more harmful than helpful, when in reality some processed snacks are cleaner and less processed than others.

So today, I’ve got a surprisingly healthy snack haul featuring over 20 healthy processed snacks with only A FEW ingredients each – from healthy chips to healthy crackers to cleaner candies, even with some classics like Fritos and Tostitos in the mix!

Let’s rethink our labels for processed food and junk food, let’s READ the ingredients lists on food packaging, and let’s practice making peace with the snacks that bring us joy. You never know – some of your favorite processed snacks might be surprisingly healthy and clean!

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