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Smarter Smoothies // A Nutritionist’s Guide to Making Healthy Smoothies

Looking to build a healthier, smarter smoothie? A smoothie that won’t leave you hangry in an hour and blow out your blood sugar? Here’s my full in-depth formula to creating a healthful meal-replacement smoothie with everything you need, EVERY TIME!

The Full In-Depth Smarter Smoothie Guide:
(this post includes the suggested amounts for each category along with lots of ingredient ideas)

Protein + Fat + Fiber + Veggies + Crunchies

How to Make Homemade Non-Dairy Milks:

Quality Protein Powders I recommend:

Equip Foods Grass-fed Beef Isolate Protein (use that link and coupon code “TASTYYUMMIES“ to save 15%)

PaleoPro Paleo Protein Powder Grass-fed Beef Isolate, Whole Eggs and Egg Whites (I love that they have a plain unsweetened, unflavored version)

For complete plant based proteins I suggest Equip Foods Prime Plants
Garden of Life
Thorne’s VegaLite

My favorite Vitamix Blender:
(Tasty Yummies viewers receive $20 off any Ascent Series purchase + FREE shipping)

Head to the post for lots more links and suggestions:

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