Martha Stewart's 13-Recipe Family Breakfast Special

Family home for the holidays? Kids on their Winter Break? Martha Stewart has all the ideas you need to serve a fun and delicious family breakfast! In this hour-long special, Martha serves up 13 incredible breakfast dishes, including her famous Oven Baked French Toast. Inspired by her travels to the Arabian Gulf, Martha also presents four wonderful breakfast ideas from that region, like a phenomenal skillet-baked Shakshouka. Finally, Martha takes us back to the basics, teaching us how to cook eggs a variety of ways. Chat live with your fellow cooks during this hour-long special, only at!

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Oven-Baked French Toast –
Pea and Ham Quiche –
Dutch Baby Pancake –
Fontina, Speck, and Onion Strata –

Khameer –
Shakshouka –
Buckwheat Jebabs –
Balaleet –

Soft- and Hard-Cooked Eggs –
Scrambled Eggs –
Fried Egg –
Frittata –
Herb-Filled Omelet –

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0:00 Introduction
1:15 Oven-Baked French Toast
7:59 Pea and Ham Quiche
14:07 Dutch Baby Pancake
17:53 Fontina, Speck, and Onion Strata

24:42 Khameer
33:02 Shakshouka
38:05 Buckwheat Jebabs
42:44 Balaleet

47:50 Soft- and Hard-Boiled Eggs
55:17 Scrambled Eggs
57:25 Fried Egg
1:00:57 Frittata
1:08:06 Herb-Filled Omelet

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Martha Stewart’s 13-Recipe Family Breakfast Special

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