15 Healthy Late Night Snacks You Can Eat

In today’s video, we will tell you what they are. From popcorn, hummus, sweet potatoes, nuts, greek yoghurt and more. Watch until the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Oatmeal – 00:44
Popcorn – 01:27
Low fat cottage cheese – 02:01
Cheese and crackers – 02:25
Hummus – 02:50
Cereal and milk – 03:30
Peanut butter and jelly – 04:16
Rice Cakes with Natural Almond Butter – 04:42
Whole Wheat English Muffin With Nut Butter – 05:12
Tart cherry juice with chia seeds – 05:47
Sweet potatoes – 06:32
Kiwi and pistachios – 07:23
Mashed banana topped with pumpkin seeds – 08:13
Nuts – 08:53
Greek Yoghurt – 09:41


1. Oatmeal: You probably associate oatmeal with the early morning hours, but it has plenty of nighttime benefits too. For starters, oats are a complex carb that will break down slowly in your system, controlling blood sugar spikes that might mess with your sleep. And if you find a warm bowl of oatmeal cozy and soothing, you’re not alone.

2. Popcorn: You’re trying to reduce a craving, not put yourself into a food coma. That’s where popcorn comes into play. This crisp, salty snack is low in calories. A whopping three-cup serving clocks in at about 100 calories. So you can chow down without feeling weighed down. And there’s also the complex carb factor.

3. Low fat cottage cheese: This choice often gets a bad rap for being a bland, boring weight-loss staple back. But it’s a hidden gem for insomniacs. The lean protein helps boost serotonin.Top a half-cup serving with raspberries for a 100-calorie midnight snack and an added touch of melatonin.

4. Cheese and crackers: When it comes to sleep, cheese is a surprisingly good choice. That’s because it’s high in calcium. It’s also loaded with protein, with some tryptophan and melatonin for good measure. Pair a few slices of cheese with some whole-grain crackers, sprouted bread or apple slices for the ultimate protein-carb combination.

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