Beef Tikka Boti Recipe | Eid Special Beef BBQ Restaurant Style (Soft and Juicy)

Beef Tikka | Tikka Boti Recipe | Eid Special | Beef Tikka Recipe | How to make Tikka Boti at home | Kun Foods | Kun Foods Recipes

In the above video, I have shown an authentic and accurate way to cook and marinate beef tikka boti. Beef Tikka boti is a Mughlai dish which is widely eaten across Pakistan and India. Enjoy this beef tikka boti recipe on this eid and comment the result below.

Written Ingredients:
Beef Boneless: 2kg
Vinegar for washing: 8tbs
Salt for washing: 1tsp
Curd/ Yougart: 750gms
Salt: 1tbs
Red Chilli Flakes: 1.5tbs
Red Chilli Powder: 1tbs
Paprika: 0.25tbs
Cumin: 3tbs
Coriander: 1.5tbs
Garam Masala: 1tbs
Fresh Ginger: 1.5tbs
Fresh Garlic: 1tbs
Mustard Paste: 2tbs
Papaya Powder: 1tsp

Cooking Utensils:
Grill with Charcoal
Flat Skewers

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