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Easy Dinner Recipe – Spam Recipe

I really hope you guys like this recipe! This is one of my family recipes as a kid that I thought I’d share with you all. It’s simple & easy for any weeknight dinner.

Ingredients Spam&Corn:
Spam (lite)
1 Can of corn (W/the juice)
1 box Tomato Sauce (Del Fuerte) 1tbsp
1tsp Chicken Bouillon

Ingredients Macaroni & Cheese:
Large elbow macaroni
2 boxes tomato sauce (Del Fuerte)
1/4 cup of Sour cream (more or less up to you)
1-2 cups of Medium Cheddar cheese
-Remember the more you add the creamier.. just go with what works best for you
1 tsp Chichen Bouillon
Pepper to taste

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