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6 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipe Ideas for 8+ Months to 2 Year Olds | 5 Minute Weight Gain Dinners

6 Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas for Toddlers/Kids. These 5 minute easy dinner recipes are kind of meal plans for toddlers and picky eaters. They’re good for babies of ages 7 months old to 2 Year old toddlers & Kids. Here is the list of 6 Baby Dinner Ideas presented in this video. Dinner Ideas for Babies. Dinner Ideas for Babies 1 year old. 10 month old baby dinner Recipes, Dinner Ideas for Babies 8 months

List of Recipes:
1.Roti & Milk Dinner Idea (Flatbread with Milk)
2. Idli with Milk and Jaggery(Gurh)
3.Rice with Milk & Banana Dinner Idea
4.Ragi(Finger Millet) Porridge with Jaggery (Gudh) Dinner
5.Oats Porridge Dinner Idea
6.Poha Milk Dinner Idea with Dates

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