Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Tips: You Asked For It

[00:24] Question 1: Will all sugar make me gain weight or is one type better than the other? Also, what about fruit?
(Sarah Fit)
[01:33] Question 2: What are some healthy eating tips for busy professionals?
(Denise Austin)
[02:34] Episode Roundup/Summary
Healthy Eating Tips: You Asked For It- In this episode of “You Asked For It”, Host, Melena Scantlin checks in with our team of health and fitness experts to get some of your questions answered regarding nutrition, healthy eating, and weight loss. As we all know, eating right goes hand in hand with leading a fit and active lifestyle, but do you ever find yourself confused by the overwhelming amount of nutritional information out there? Join Trainer, Fitness Blogger, and YouTube Star, Sarah Fit as she weighs-in on the effects of simple sugars (found in many processed foods) and refined carbs, Vs. naturally occurring sugars and fiber that are regularly found in fruits. Discover what you can do to maintain a healthy blood sugar level, lose weight, and enhance digestion with a few simple changes to eating habits. Next, learn which snacks Legendary Fitness Icon, Denise Austin chooses to fill in between her 3 major meals in order to increase energy, steady the metabolism, and maintain proper amounts of protein to control her weight and maximize workout results. Explore the nutritional benefits of light snacks such as hard-boiled eggs, nuts, and peanut butter, as well as the importance of proper hydration. Always listen to your body as you try this invaluable advice from the experts in your quest to stay fit! Look your best and tune in every Thursday for new episodes of You Asked For It, where you can get helpful tips and find the answers you are looking for. Don’t forget that you might get your questions answered too, by posting them in the comments below the weekly “You Asked For It” videos. For more “You Asked For It” episodes, click here:

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